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Legacy is a eSports team for The Popular FPS Game Rainbow Six Siege. The Team Was Created by Chris Hicks (Khaoz), TyShawn Thompson (Senpai), And Cameron Williams (Cam). Created on 1/6/19. Has Participated in Multiple Rainbow Six Siege eSports Tournaments Such as the Rainbow Six Siege Open Qualifier and Placed 6th out of a total of 552 teams.

Active Team RosterEdit

In Game Leader - Chris Hicks (Khaoz)

2nd In Command - Tyshawn Thompson (Senpai)

Player - Gerardo Rodriguez (Rado)

Player - Cameron Williams (Cam)

Player - Sebastian Samuel (Typical)

Player - Cole (Colemen)

Legacy Reserves - Glenn (M.God)

Legacy Reserves - Arch Thompson (IAmArch)

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